Intro to Tools + Deployment

UX and Accessibility

Designing for Developers – Style Guide

Designing for Developers – Technique Demo

Designing for Developers – Comps

Advanced CSS

Intro to Javascript

Intro to Javascript Libraries and Frameworks

Workflow Optimization

  • Atom Linters – syntax error hints
  • Atom Configuration
  • TextExpander for storing text snippets
  • Moom for window management
  • Bartender to hide all the stuff in your menu bar
  • Sip to collect colors
  • ImageOptim for image optimization
  • BrowserStack – cross-browser testing
  • Keyboard – Free
    • Stops key input so you can clean your laptop keyboard. CMD+Q exits.
  • Alfred – Free, some features (like making your own keyboard shortcuts) are paid.
    • Application launcher, script runner, global shortcut maker.
  • Spectacle – Free
    • For moving windows into set sizes and positions, e.g. “Move to the left half of the screen” “Move to the upper half” etc.
  • Authy App for iOS – Free
    • Two factor authentication app for your phone.
    • To add the two-factor passcodes to your notification center:
      • Unlock your phone, swiping down to open the notification center.
      • Scroll down in the “Today” section and hit the “Edit” button at the bottom.
      • Add the “Authy” widget.
    • You can now press and hold a 2 factor code to copy it to your phone’s clipboard.
  • OneTab – Free
    • Chrome plugin to collect all your tabs.
  • FunctionFlip – Free
    • Reverse what happens when you hit one of the F-keys. They usually do one thing by default and another if you hold down Fn and hit them. This reverses that on a key-by-key basis.
  • CheatSheet – Free
    • Hold down CMD in an app to see a list of all its shortcuts. Doesn’t work with all apps but with many popular ones.